Fish Finder and Transducer Mounting

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Mounting the Fish Finder

As shown in the photo, this mount is attached one of the oar mounting struts. The part that is attached to the strut is made from a 1/2" PVC tee fitting. For the part to which the fish finder's pedestal was bolted, I used a 3/4" PVC tee, since the 1/2" size wasn't large enough to provide a match to the pedestal's existing bolt holes. While not obvious from the photo, the combination of the standard tilt provided by the fish finder's pedestal, plus the rotation of the 1/2" tee around the oar strut, plus the rotation around the short connecting pipe between the two tees, provides almost infinite flexibility to position the fish finder at exactly the best angle for viewing.

Mounting the Transducer

The transducer mounting was attached to the forward end of the starboard footrest pole. If you look closely at the enlarged photo, you will see how the PVC tee with the clevis pin in it was reamed out so that the height of the transducer can be easily adjusted -- up for car-top travel or beaching, and down for fish finding. (The black thing with the rope cleat behind the transducer mount is the trolling motor mount which entirely encloses the end/cross pole of the stock footrest.)

Stowing the Anchor

While under way, the anchor is stowed between the footrest pole and the pontoon, as shown in this photo. The anchor line can be secured to any of the four rope cleats that are provided, at approximately the 4 corners of the boat. This scheme allows the anchor point to be adjusted so that, in combination with the prevailing winds and currents, I can point myself, on average, in the direction that I want to fish.

In the earlier transducer photo above, you can see one of the two rope cleats bolted to the motor mount. These provide two forward locations for securing the anchor line. The mounting frame for the cargo box also has two rope cleats on it (one on either side) as shown here.

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